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FRIDAY June 1, 2018

Spoken Word & Music Showcase - Prepare To Be SEVERELY Entertained!

The Wylde Bunch

WYLDE BUNCH personifies old school musicianship and music values and cutting edge new.. everything. We have never followed trends but have been happy to go our own way and even establish a few trends in the process. 

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, Wylde Bunch has been performing together since high school. We have toured and/or performed with some of the best in the business from Black Eyed Peas to Kid Rock, John Mayer, The Beastie Boys, De La Soul, The Roots, O.A.R., Miguel, N.E.R.D., The Killers, A Tribe Called Quest, to Maurice White of Earth, WInd and Fire.. the resume speaks volumes.

Wylde Bunch 'keeps live music alive' with a full rhythm section, a horn section, vocalists and more. The stage is Wylde Bunch's true domain and if you've ever seen a live show you know exactly what we mean. 

Wylde Bunch has released 4 retail albums and 3 garage-style fan recordings. WB is currently in the lab working on our next release that promises to be our hottest record yet.

WB is currently tearing up stages in greater Los Angeles between tours so don't miss an international show in an intimate setting. While supplies last!