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SATURDAY November 3, 2018

Spoken Word & Music Showcase - Prepare To Be SEVERELY Entertained!


DICHOTOMY is a man with simple dualistic complexities, a passion for life, eternal love, and all that is in-between. Engineer by day, writer, poet, and spoken word artist by night, creative writing and expression is his first nature. It is a divine thumbprint in the many gifts and talents that possess him. Born in Nashville TN, Dichotomy’s passion for poetry began at the tender age of nine. After his first performance in 2007, he set his heart on performing and has never looked back.

Dichotomy infuses self-composed and written music with the poetry and prose of his verses to encompass the transparent emotion of thoughts that are unspoken, yet felt. Upon hearing and reading his expressions, the pure essence of one’s heart and emotions are made transparent, and a vulnerable freedom is felt while the recipient is graced with an affectionate understanding.