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Jahman Hill

We’re not in Kansas anymore…

Born in Rochester, NY, and raised in Kansas, Jahman Ariel Hill is a creative and educator currently living in Alabama. He is co-founder and vice president of the Alabama Student Association for Poetry, author of Made From My Mother’s Ceilings, and the one-man show, Black Enough, a graduate teaching assistant at the University of Alabama, teaching Intro to Women’s Studies and Intro to African American Studies, and currently ranked the 3rd best slam poet in the world.

Jahman holds a BA in International Studies with a focus in Middle East Relations, an MA in Communication Studies, and will be receiving his MA in Women’s Studies this May.

Jahman started writing poetry in the fall of 2014 and got write to work. He produced his first book, Made From My Mother’s Ceilings, in April of 2017. In April of 2018, he released his first album of spoken word, Ceilings. In March of 2019, Jahman previewed his one-man show, Black Enough, Off Broadway in the Studio Theatre at Theatre Row, which will premier in April of 2019.