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FRIDAY May 5, 2017

Spoken Word & Music Showcase - Prepare To Be SEVERELY Entertained!

Rodzilla the Blackademic

Rodzilla is an internationally known spoken word impresario, carrying the torch lit long ago by ancestor griots and members of the Black Arts Movement. Heralded as the Blackademic this scholar represents the hip hop intellectual at its finest with his brand of edutainment... He has performed in every noteworthy poetry den in the US representing a special brand of lyricism called that NorthernCaliformulaSacramentoIzm, Rodzilla is one of the most unique poetry savants around. Mr. Freeman has performed at Princeton, Brown, Harvard, Howard, Tuskegee and a plethora of other high esteemed colleges around the United States. Nurtured in the fertile northern California slam scene Rodzilla honed his craft as a member of the Sacramento slam team in 03, and 04, and has continued mentoring and coaching Sacramento's youth... with vison, depth and a deep historical grasp, this Blackademic is one to look out for.