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SATURDAY October 6, 2018

Spoken Word & Music Showcase - Prepare To Be SEVERELY Entertained!

Shawn William

“Powerful”, “Passionate”, “Transparent”, “Unpredictable” are some of the words that best describe a Shawn William performance. Shawn’s vivid, passionate but sometimes comical storytelling style combined with his onstage interactions works well with different audiences because the words are relatable. Basically, Shawn may be tall but his words will never go over your head.


But Shawn William is much more than a spoken word artist.


Over the past 2 years Shawn has pushed his artistic brand even more by creating humorous & thought provoking blogs, memes and videos on social media outlets receiving over 15 million reviews and 4 million repost including shares from everyone to Snoop Dogg, D.L. Hugley, Gabrielle Union, Russell Simmons & Smokey Robinson.


Over the years Shawn has been featured on legendary platforms such as The Apollo Stage in Harlem, Essence Music Festival, The Arsenio Hall Show, TVOne’s Verses and Flow, All Def Digital, Blavity, Radio City Music Hall, opening up for Grammy nominated artist Jill Scott, Dr. Steve Perry and more recently the 2017 ESPN ESPY’s Pre-Party in Los Angeles.   


“My talents are a blessing, dreams that wake me up in the middle of the night to create visual and verbal artistry. If I cannot spark dialogue to make people feel something, then why would I waste your time?” – Shawn William